ePaisa Support team

Is something not working as it should? We, the ePaisa support team, work at
ePaisa shirt but wear the  Customer’s hat at all times.

We understand the product inside out and are ready to help you via
Live Chat, Phone, WhatsAPP, Skype, email, Facebook or Twitter.

Try us. We type fast!

We hear you!

You weren’t sure what that thing does on your reader but you still pressed it, and now it’s doing a weird thing, and you’re afraid you will need to call support? By all means, call us! We’re here to make business easier for you, so you can focus on what’s important: Life.

User Centered Design

We know, some software engineers speak better Klingon than English and believe that you need the power of the Death Star, along with a 40-pages long manual, when you only need to charge for a sandwich and figure out whether you’re low on ketchup. That’s why we created a shadow program so every month our engineers and the members of our executive team sit down with the members of our support team, so they can listen to your calls and understand exactly what are your needs. Our software engineers may be on our payroll, but ultimately, they work for you.